Edgar Anzaldua Moreno
Head of Product Design, Sniip

Edgar Anzaldua Moreno is a passionate product designer and researcher born in Mexico and based in Australia. He likes to turn organizational chaos into innovative, data-driven and creative environments, that operate like a well-oiled machine. His inclusive approach to product design helps teams develop and validate cohesive product objectives and deliver on them. He has published papers on data science, gotten a patent granted in the US patent office and worked on an app that got the Apple TV app of the year award. His work extends a wide array of knowledge domains (like analytics, supply chain optimization, e-learning, streaming, legal, fitness and e-commerce apps) and business environments (like government, big corporations and start-ups). His aspiration is to make product managers better designers and product designers better product managers. Edgar starts the day with an espresso-based ritual, and religiously finishes the week with an agave-based one. He head-bangs to punk and prog rock.