Verizon Design is focused on creating meaningful, human, and responsible Verizon experiences that build valuable relationships with our customers. We design experiences across products, journeys and touchpoints for consumer and business. Based in NYC, NJ, and India, the team is assembling the brightest designers, content strategists, and researchers to shape future experiences.

Simplifying towards more meaningful IA

Technology is always getting smarter, becoming more fundamentally conversational, supportive and anticipatory. With this shift, we’ve seen the role of IA evolve from primarily navigating and wayfinding to prioritizing, offering choices, and managing attention. Content used to have to work really hard to tell customers that digital experiences were for them; now customers just expect it. We now have an opportunity to radically simplify our content to create more human and meaningful experiences, sparking dialogue rather than just delivering information or, worse yet, serving ads. We’ll share our approach to creating more human, meaningful, and reliable IA for app and web through content strategy and design systems. We’re updating our voice and tone to promote conversation and interaction. At the same time, by approaching personalized communication as a scalable system, we’re enabling a more predictable and transparent dialogue with our customers.

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Flex Your Super Powers: When a DesignOps Team Scales to Power CX

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