This Is a Talk for Tired People (Luz Bratcher): readings and other resources

Resources mentioned in the presentation

Additional Resources (not mentioned, but influential in developing this talk)

    • You Need a Budget
      • How did I save up for a sabbatical? You Need a Budget is the first budgeting strategy that stuck in our house and was able to help us financially prepare for 3 months without salary. Talking about money makes me really anxious, but this has been instrumental in helping give us an accurate look at what is fiscally “enough” for us. Cannot say enough good things about this product.
    • Newport, Cal. Deep Work, Grand Central Publishing, 2016
      • This book was foundational in learning how to manage my creative output in an effective and restful way. I recommend this to every tech worker trying to figure out what their pace of good work looks like.
    • May, Katherine. Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times, Riverhead Books, 2020


  • A must-read for anyone going through a season of restlessness. This memoir got me through the literal dark winter of the Pacific Northwest and the metaphorical winter of the pandemic. I couldn’t work this quote into the talk, but there’s a great quote in here from a friend of hers. She was given a word of relief from a doctor on how to live with bipolar disorder that’s been helpful with my own diagnosis and energy management: 
  • “Nobody had ever said to me before, ‘You need to live a life that you can cope with, not the one that other people want. Start saying no. Just do one thing a day. No more than two social events in a week.’ I owe my life to him.”



  • I’m just starting this one and she is a restful kindred spirit.


Additional Resources (mentioned by the conference audience)