Day 2 – Get Your CFO To Say: ‘Our Strategic Goal is User Obsession’

BCG (data-driven organization) Mission statement: unlocking the potential of those who advance the world.

  • 25K+ employees, offices in 50+ countries
  • 27 UX CoE team supports ~1000 employees: 6 CoE’s, 14 tribes, 90 squads.

2018: Noise and dissatisfaction in 100+ digital products and services delivered to employees / customers.

Very very easy to take quantitative data and end up lying with statistics. Used data & statistics in the past to create a story of what ‘we’ wanted the audience to hear… Give the teams the raw ingredients from quantitative data to do the right qualitative studies.

Digital Employee satisfaction survey — not the usual HR survey; but think deeper — focus on product and experiences vs. overall employee experience.


  • Employee feedback on most used digital products and services
    • Add in this survey only if they are used by more than 50%
    • Quarterly surveys, 2.89M unique tableau data points!
  • Focus on product teams; they have access to it, provide comments — classify as positive, negative, neutral. There’s transparency.
  • Survey -> Share results -> User ranking -> Update backlogs -> Respond to employees (every quarter!)
  • Priorities set — ranking, like: productivity, hybrid working, collaboration, IT support, finance, etc.
  • (Top) Three priorities: Basic productivity, Right technology, Hybrid Working…

“Regardless of metrics, it is essential to establish meaningful baselines. If you can’t determine where you started, you can’t measure how far you’ve come.” — from BCG article.

  • 2019: 74% good; 2020: 83% very good; 2021: 85% very good.
  • (one of the) driving forces to improve overall E-SAT was the remote meeting experience.
    • 2019: 69% average; comments like — connection issues, hard to make natural conversations…
    • 2020: 92% excellent; comments like — big improvement, works a lot better…
    • 2021: 93% excellent; Super easy to use, great for client calls, hybrid working – meetings might start on a laptop but end up on the phone…
  • PURE: Pragmatic Usability Ratings by Experts
    • Higher the score, the worse the (usability of) product
    • Bring experts, do tasks, and rate them