Day 1 – Reimagining Design: Unlocking Strategic Innovation

First book — been three months now.

    • Ambitions
      • March 2020, a lot of uncertainties. Rustling with compounding pandemics – police brutality against black communities, hate crimes against asian american and pacific islanders, social media feeds and news.
      • Lived Experiences: Personal narrative became dominant. Less about design thinking and more around design’s positioning — matters in design of anything!
      • Everything is by design!
    • Multidisciplinary leaps
      • Creative inclinations – drawing; Witnessing the first Nike commercial; General Motors showcasing power of future mobility
      • Intersections between drawing and love for mathematics & science – mechanical engineering (first career chapter – nuclear plant)
        • Curiosity of business rose; studied in business school and added another layer
      • Work for a company embodies creativity on top of strategy, technology — like Nike, Apple. As a business planner at Nike: support financial and operational roll-ups.
      • Deep down, a product person. Mutual fit to explore. Got into digital competencies — try footwear design. Got two out in the market.


  • Side hustles opened more side hustles!


    • Studied two years in masses of science and industrial design. Represented unique hybridity but companies looked for singular expert that mapped for one profile.
    • Multidisciplinary innovation studio.
    • Passionate about designers’ experience. Led to join TED stage in Milan – reinforce design in business, give the actual breathing room.
      • Started dreams design + life — breadth, depth, fluidity.
  • Unlocking strategic innovations
    • Venn diagram – business, design, technology. The collaboration is the substance that will inform future innovations.
    • See it in the lens of people, industry, trends, exemplars.
    • Appreciate broader ecologies, beyond just mechanics of markets marketing and consumers consuming.
    • Create space to solve implications of every design and business decision — really unravel societal imbalance, personally and professionally.
    • Notion of diversity from these lived experiences – how the thread intertwines.
    • We are serving a hyper-connected, multi-faceted, intersectional world and even the planet is a stakeholder in the mix of this.
    • Spectrum of behavior — at one end, keeping things the way they are – the gate-keeping; at the other end, open and service minded – the servant leadership.

The Seven dimensions:

  1. Setting Direction
  2. Risk Tolerance
  3. Hiring
  4. Feedback
  5. Measurement
  6. Team Composition
  7. Leadership Orientation