Day 1 – Creating a Basis for Change: Scaling Design Maturity

Businesses want outcomes. No outcome without doing the work: Not asking to switch tools but have different values and behaviors. The work is culture change.

Mastercard: No layoffs — amidst the uncertainties and unknowns.

  • Get better in betting
  • Shift in focus: New products from Legacy

How to create conditions for design to thrive?

We can create support structures and incentives mechanisms.

  1. Design practitioners felt isolated, disengaged; feel lonely
  2. Constantly advocate for the value of role
  3. Design needed more support and advocacy in higher altitude

And this formed: CX & Design: GUILD

  • Three years, 182 members, across locations and job families, 30 groups, 6 business units, 320 friends of guild.

Without attribution, you cannot get funding and without funding, it’s not a priority.

In 2021, formalized guild, raising the bar.

  • Skills inventory
    • Develop a plan – to help people meet future needs.
    • Catalogs experiences
    • Strengths and weakness
    • Tactically, it is a survey!

Make scores actionable with context. The comparison between job family and secondary skills — instead of looking for unicorns, they could staff with core disciplines.

Org models appear to influence which skills are developed — centralized teams, decentralized networks, tiny teams.

Going big: GUILDCON22!

Shaping on org level, not on designer’s shoulder alone, requires other teams to collaborate.

Changing the outcomes also means changing the incentives. Shift the incentives!

  • Motivation to build skills – makes their job easier and makes them feel proud
  • Program teams – more customer centric decisions, the risk could bring negative effects