Podcast: Framing Tomorrow by Questioning Today

April 27, 2022

The Rosenfeld Review Podcast (Rosenfeld Media) · Framing Tomorrow by Questioning Today

How can you use the humble question to be a better leader? 

Over the past year or two, Brave UX Podcaster Brendan Jarvis has been asking great questions of over 75 of the best and brightest design leaders with the goal of surfacing the biggest questions facing the field, and using them as a springboard to becoming a better leader.

Brendan joins Lou for a wide-ranging conversation about questions—a preview for his talk at June’s Design at Scale 2022 conference. Along the way, they cover the importance of diverse perspectives, the controversies of Amazon Alexa, and how designers can get a seat at the table. 

Warning: this talk may raise more questions than it provides answers for!

Learn more about Brendan’s conference presentation and register for Design at Scale 2022. 

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