Why Attend Civic Design

Whether you’re an experienced designer working in the public sector or considering it—or someone who knows just enough about design “to be dangerous”—there’s a place for you at Civic Design 2021.

The Content

  • A research-driven program

We didn’t stumble upon our program choices, or make educated guesses. The programming is created in concert with the Civic Design community, through a research-driven process to identify the issues and challenges most important to you.

  • Designed by dedicated curators

Our program is backed by a team of curatorial professionals with a pedigree of creating successful design conferences. Ariel Kennan, Sarah Brooks, Martha Dorris, and Charlotte Lee are each effective and highly-respected civic designers in their own right, with a wealth of experience they’ll draw on to identify the most relevant themes.

  • Take-home content for reinforcement

Leave the conference with a full year of access to professionally-produced session recordings, sketchnotes, session notes, decks, and other content to help you remember and share everything you learned with your colleagues back at work. So put your notebooks down—we’ve got you covered.

  • Content-rich sponsor sessions

Instead of slapping brand names on collateral, our sponsors deliver relevant information and career-enhancing connections. Attendees get to benefit from dozens of sponsor-led sessions that emphasize learning over selling.

The People

  • Informed and engaging speakers

The main program sessions run the gamut across the world of civic design.  You’ll see big-name speakers along with specialized professionals who, with the guidance of our curators and a professional presentation coach, have each spent months focusing and fine-tuning their session

  • Diversity of voices and experiences

This conference goes far above and beyond specific audience niches and work settings. No matter where your focus lies within civic design, you’ll hear from new voices that represent diverse perspectives and experiences, many of which often go under-heard and mis-represented. 

  • An active community

Civic Design 2021 is a natural extension of Rosenfeld Media’s free Civic Design community. With help and facilitation from our curation team, the community meets and learns together all year long. That rich, ongoing conversation is critical to shaping the program for the annual conference.

The Experience

  • Unparalleled connections

An ongoing itinerary of social and networking events help you meet designers across the industry, while our innovative sponsorships put you face-to-face with the companies and individuals at the leading edge of civic design.

  • Enhanced learning and socializing

Interested attendees have the option to experience the conference in a virtual cohort of about 10 attendees. Free and shepherded by volunteer facilitators, cohorts are proven Zoom Fatigue-busters, offering members a deeper level content engagement—with fantastic industry connections to boot.  



The Value

  • A flexibly-designed conference

Attend for one, two, or three days—it’s up to you

  • A dramatically lower ticket cost than an in-person conference

Plus, you won’t have to pay for hotel and travel