Survey Design

Surveys seem easy: anyone can throw together a few questions, send them out, and hope that they are rewarded with a decent response. But we’ve all seen examples of poorly conceived surveys that couldn’t possibly deliver real insights for the organization that sponsored them.

This highly participative three-session training takes you through the whole process of creating an effective survey, from defining a goal through analysis of data and creating a presentation.

What you will learn:

You will learn through a mixture of slides and exercises giving you a chance to practice the tips and approaches suggested by Caroline. 

Throughout the three sessions you will:

  • Understand and practice the main steps in creating a survey 
  • Understand how people answer questions, and use that knowledge to design better questions 
  • Learn how to build a questionnaire
  • Know how to tackle the challenge of turning raw survey data into useful insight
  • Understand and learn how to avoid the key errors people make at every stage of creating a survey. 

Who should attend: 

The course is suitable for all levels, from absolute beginners to those who are experienced at running surveys – but welcome the chance to develop skills, share their expertise and make connections with colleagues.

Caroline Jarrett
Forms and Surveys Specialist, Effortmark Ltd., Author of Surveys That Work
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