Design Hacks for Civic Design: Plain Language, Accessibility, and Cross-cultural Communication

Want to break into the field of civic design? Or make the policy you are responsible for better?  Civic design is a lot like general UX design, but with extra attention to plain language, accessibility, and cross-cultural communication. That’s because civic design is the connection between all of us and government or other civic services, so no one can be left out. Civic design is also based in policy, so even if we can’t change the basic rules, we can still make those complicated policies human.

Whitney Quesenbery, co-founder and director of the Center for Civic Design will be your guide through the workshop as the entire CCD team takes you through the core civic design hacks. 

They will lead you through the building blocks for this work, share the research behind it, and give you a chance to pit your design chops against some of the most difficult challenges in civic design. It’s based on two decades of work in elections and other transformative work like web standards that are changing the face of government both from within and through work at nonprofits.  

You’ll leave with an understanding of how your UX skills can be used to help transform our civic life.


  • Learn the building blocks of civic design: communicating in plain language, for accessibility, and across cultures.
  • Hacks for communicating complicated information when policy is a constraint.
  • Ways to use design to get bigger change started.

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Whitney Quesenbery
Executive Director, Center for Civic Design
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Day 1: Basics of Civic Design – Speaking to the audience in ways they can understand

Day 2 : Systems and Audiences

Day 3: Policies and Practices