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Meet Sofia Quintero, Founder of EnjoyHQ with UserZoom

We asked Sofia Quintero, Founder of EnjoyHQ with UserZoom some questions that get at the heart of why they’re passionate about research, what it’s like to work at EnjoyHQ, and what makes their products and services special to research and researchops professionals.

Meet Sofia

An Essential Guide to UX Measurement

User experience is often an invisible factor, therefore it’s essential for digital experience professionals to demonstrate the value of UX improvements with direct ties to business goals.

In our guide, An Essential Guide to UX Measurement, we offer practical tips for launching, managing, and scaling a UX measurement program.

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Demand for UX has increased at the same unprecedented rate as digital adoption, however, investment in UX is lagging, leaving teams without the resources, processes and exec-level buy-in to deliver the digital experiences their customers want.

In this session, UserZoom reveals findings from its annual State of UX report, identifying what’s getting in the way of UX teams becoming a critical part of decision-making, how to overcome these challenges and make a demonstrably positive impact on business performance.

In this talk, Sofia Quintero – founder at EnjoyHQ [recently acquired by UserZoom] – shares her experience helping teams implement effective research repositories across companies of all sizes. You will learn a variety of change management protocols and best practices in knowledge management to make sure you build a strong foundation regardless of the tool you end up buying.

UX professionals have seen the demand for research rise in the last year, but demonstrating the business value of UX remains a challenge because organizations aren’t using the right success metrics.

In this session, we’ll reveal how the mindset around measuring UX has evolved, how innovative UX teams solve the challenge, and what you can do to evolve your own measurement strategy.