Dovetail’s mission is to enable the world to create better products and services through deep customer understanding. We empower 45,000+ users, from agencies to universities to Fortune 100 companies, to make sense of all their customer research data in one intuitive, collaborative, and powerful research platform.

Rosenfeld Media Interviews Lucy Denton, Head of Design and Research at Dovetail

We asked Lucy Denton, Head of Design and Research at Dovetail some questions that get at the heart of why they’re passionate about research, what it’s like to work at Dovetail, and what makes their products and services special to research and researchops professionals.

Meet Lucy

Tell Us What You Really Think: Jared Spool on Democratizing Research

Dovetail sat down with UX legend Jared Spool to discuss a thorny topic—the democratization of research. Find out why Spool is not a fan, and what he suggests we do instead.

Canva’s Research Repository

A major draw for Canva was Dovetail’s research repository solution. New starters struggled to discover past research and often found out about previous research reports through word-of-mouth. Now, researchers store their recordings and transcripts in Dovetail and use it to seamlessly analyze, share, and collaborate. Find out how Dovetail has empowered Canva’s researchers to truly democratize research.

5 Tips for Your Dovetail Workspace

Watch this short and sweet video taking you through the Dovetail workspace and 5 tips on how to get the most out of it! We know how important it is for researchers to speed up their workflow, work together effortlessly, and deliver actionable insights to their team that capture the customer’s pain points. Find out how researchers are analyzing, storing, and collaborating on research outputs all in one place.

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Every researcher wants to get the most out of a testing session but that’s easier said than done. It requires expert navigation of the nuances of different personalities, distinct power dynamics, and the varied abilities of each participant.

Dovetail’s Head of Design and Research, Lucy Denton sits down with Mila Kuznetsova, Senior Director of User Research and Product at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt to get a better insight into her experiments with methodologies and techniques as she’s navigated testing with a distinct participant group—children. In this session, we’ll hear from Mila about staying nimble, adjusting her approach to cater to the individual, and how we could bring the same level of understanding and grace to testing with adults. This session isn’t to be missed!

There are loads of bridges built between organizations and their customers, pathways that help them connect. For some reason, the bridge that’s always open but oft-forgotten is the bridge that support has built. Dovetail’s User Experience Researcher, Anna Nguyen, and Inbound Customer Specialist, Emily Brogan are here to tell you how support and research can join forces to holistically represent the voice of the customer.

Join us to learn about:

  • The powerful relationship between support and user research
  • Dovetail’s definition of the voice of the customer
  • The process of gathering high volume feedback to generate succinct insights
  • The impact of the voice of the customer at Dovetail
  • How different teams can use the voice of the customer

Lots of effort in research is lost after it’s published. The problem is not the value of the insights but that the findings are fragmented across wikis, research repositories, and random folders in the cloud.

Hear our expert panel share how they have designed research repositories that have succeeded at scale. Our all-star panelists will spend 30 minutes sharing their insights, followed by a Q&A session in Slack!

You’ll hear from:

  • Matt Duigan, Product Manager at Microsoft
  • Andrew Michael, Founder at Avrio Research Repository
  • Dr. Emily DiLeo, Archivist and Repository Designer