Condens combines research data analysis and repository in one powerful tool. Avoid doubling work, connect evidence across studies and let colleagues find insights in a central place. Used by teams at Autodesk, Whirlpool, Bank of Montreal and many more, Condens is the most popular repository according to customer reviews.

What a UX Research Repository Can Do for You

The term ‘User Research Repository’ or ‘UX Research Repository’ is associated with many definitions. And while people agree that a repository has to do with storing research data and findings, the details often remain unclear, and people using the term often mean different things. Learn about the most prominent functions a repository can have

Communicating the Value of UX as a Researcher

How do you handle it when people are skeptical of the value of UX research? A critical attitude is not a bad thing, and it’s an excellent opportunity to get into the conversation and demonstrate the value of user experience research. Here are some techniques that help you tackle UX skepticism as a researcher. Here are some techniques that help you tackle UX skepticism as a researcher

Rosenfeld Media Interviews Sina Schreiber, UX Researcher at Condens

We asked Sina Schreiber, UX Researcher at Condens some questions that get at the heart of why they’re passionate about research, what it’s like to work at Condens, and what makes their products and services special to research and researchops professionals.

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How ZEISS Introduced a Central Research Repository

The UX team at ZEISS, an international technology enterprise in the fields of optics and optoelectronics, introduced Condens as their internal research repository to support the UX research practice and make research and research findings more accessible to the broader company. Learn how they compared solutions, how they introduced Condens, and how their research practice changed.Learn how they compared solutions, how they introduced Condens, and how their research practice changed

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While many researchers see the value of a central research repository, how to introduce one in an organization is still a big question. Today we have the chance to learn from two researchers who have done it.

Taylor Jennings, Senior UX Researcher at Chili Piper, and Joe Nelson, User Experience Researcher at MasterControl, will share their process and experience gained from implementing their research repository. We’ll cover how they realized the need for a repository, how they convinced stakeholders, evaluated solutions, and what they’d do differently in hindsight.

Join us live as we leave plenty of opportunities for the audience to ask questions.

What does it take to become a great research leader? What are the different types of leaders in research? How do you grow a team from a solo researcher to a successful research team?

Growing research teams show a company’s commitment to user-centered and insight-driven decision-making. With growing teams, research leadership becomes a central topic. With user research often having the most comprehensive picture of the user, we will explore what this means for the collaboration with or leadership of other disciplines in the organization.

Today we have the chance to learn from three research leaders who share their personal perspectives on research leadership and various facets of it. Get to know our panelists:

  • Anna Avrekh, UX Research Manager at Meta
  • Dr. John Pagonis, Principal UX Researcher at Zanshin Labs
  • Klara Pelcl, Senior Design Research Manager at ebay

Join us live as we have plenty of room for your questions during the panel.