What Does it Mean to be a Resilient Research Team?

Session Details

As User Researchers, particularly working on sensitive public services, we need to be able to adapt, respond and grow. User Research is a demanding role, it can be mentally and emotionally draining. Adding to this are new challenges being thrown at us, be it COVID-19 or on-going digital advancement. This session therefore, looks at the constant – ourselves and our teams.

This isn’t about predicting the future, it is about preparing for it. As a researcher and a research team we are our own best asset. This isn’t about patting ourselves on the back, but recognising that regardless of the context or tools involved in the future we are people-first not technology-first. It is also about addressing the impact the role can have on our own well-being and how to manage the difficult days.

This session outlines some of techniques and approaches we have used as a team to better support each other in challenges, and how this has help made us more resilient, responsive and overall, better user researchers.