Unleash the Power and Fun of Creative Thinking in User Research

The creative life force runs through us and nurtures all aspects of our life. Creativity has been essential to our survival and evolution as a race. And yet when it comes to user research, we may wonder – is creative thinking possible? Is it relevant to user research? Where? And How? Join Beant in this hands-on workshop to make your world of user researcher bigger, richer and more creative.

This workshop brings together learning from psychology, neuroscience, user research, art and the world around us. You will work individually and in small groups, and learn:

    • How creativity works, why bad ideas are essential for creativity, and use this knowledge to remove blocks to your creative thinking
    • The ABCD of creative thinking in user research
      • A is for Asking: The joy and power of questions, and how your questions can change the landscape of your (user research) solutions, career, and life
      • B is for Bending: How you can make your routine work fun by blowing things out of proportion or squeeze them till they are tiny
      • C is for Crazy Connections: Here you will learn to create unusual and new connections. This exercise ends up being the favorite exercise of many Creative UXR members
      • D is for Destruction: With the Destruction examples and exercise, you will walk in the footsteps of the artist Picasso, who said, “every act of creation is, first of all, an act of destruction.”


      By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:


      • Spot opportunities to make your work creative, and embrace daunting and new challenges.
      • Get Inspired by seeing other researchers apply creativity to real-world user research problems. For example, to collect richer data, improve stakeholder communication, present study results, transform your study design, project scope, execution, and communication…
      • Look beyond user research methods and level up your user research approach by reframing user research problems in creative ways
      • Apply fun and powerful creative techniques to modify what you consider “routine” or to create unusual connections and transform your studies and more…


      Who should attend?


      Anyone who conducts user research. This workshop has been joined and recommended by people with varied profiles from around the world – user researchers, designers, service designers, product owners and UX Leads/Managers.



      Just a desire to open up to the bigger world of creative possibilities inside user research and life.

      Reviews from Creative UXR participants


      “If you want to go one step beyond textbook methods, and learn to hone your user research craft, and expand and twist your methods, and like learning from colorful drawings, then I would definitely recommend this course to you.”
      – Gunjan Singh, Strategic Designer and Researcher, International Baccalaureate

      “CreativeUXR is well-paced with super engaging content, brilliant facilitation, and great materials. If you are thinking about joining – DO IT! It will re-energize you, teach you directly applicable techniques, and help you tackle your work creatively.”
      – Ellen Smyth, User Experience Manager at Action for Children

      “I really enjoyed the CreativeUXR Course and learnt loads, which I can apply to many aspects of my creative life. The course gave me new ways of discussing creative thinking with my team and how creativity is part of everyday work. Beant is a fantastic and engaging presenter. Of all the courses I took last year, CreativeUXR was among the best. I would strongly recommend this course.”
      – Gary Richardson, UX Lead at Oxfam.

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Beant Dhillon
Senior Usability and User Research Consultant, Founder of altUXR
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