Why attend Advancing Research?

There are at least 19 reasons you should attend this year’s Advancing Research Conference

The event

1. Advancing Research 2022 is the third edition of the ground-breaking conference created by researchers for researchers

2. This year we’ll focus on three themes that are critical to advancing research.

3. Our program is backed by a crack team of curators—Jem Ahmed, Jamika Burge and Chris Geison—leaders who have helped to shape and define the field of research for years

4. You’ll be inspired by the main program sessions presented by speakers who have prepared and rehearsed for months

5. You’ll benefit from high-quality sponsor-led sessions which emphasize learning over selling

6. You’ll enjoy a variety of fun social and networking events to keep you connected to your community

The content

7. A carefully researched program that’s based on the themes and challenges that are important to you

8. An expertly designed program, following a clear narrative arc, that engages you the whole time—even if you’re attending remotely

9. Our speakers are incredibly well-prepared, spending months working on their presentations with our curators and our speaker coach

10. You’ll learn from new voices; representing diverse perspectives and experiences, rather than the celebrities who happen to inhabit an organizer’s rolodex

11. Content take-aways: one month’s access to edited recordings that will be available within hours of each presentation—as well as sketchnotes, session notes, resource lists, decks, and other content to help you remember and share what you’ve learned

The experience

12. You can opt into our industry-leading facilitated cohorts so you can socialize with other attendees and learn together

13. Even introverts enjoy the incredibly vibrant and welcoming discussions taking place in our conference Slack workspace

14. Carefully-designed communications so you know well in advance which sessions and activities are happening, when, and how

15. You can count on our emcees, stage managers, and production team to deliver a thoughtfully-designed experience, backed up by a host of contingencies

16. Professional customer service that helps you when there are technical or other customer-facing problems

17. A thriving community of thousands of peers to continue learning with all year-long

The cost

18. Flexible ticketing: you can attend the entire event or just a part of it

19. Attending remotely costs less and reduces the hassles of pesky time zones and eliminates the need to travel