Information Architecture at Scale: Delivering your Enterprise Information Layer

1 day virtual workshop
June 8, 2023, 8:00 am-4:00 pm PT

“Information Architecture at Scale: Delivering your Enterprise Information Layer” is designed to arm IA practitioners —from Senior Managers to the C-Suite—with better tools in order to solve modern-day, large-scale IA challenges, as well as to help them build internal support that unlocks technology efficiencies, drives sustainable returns, and creates better overall experiences for an enterprise’s customers, employees, and business units.


  • Discover how defining, modeling, and delivering “Information as a Service” will unlock technology efficiencies, drive sustainable returns on your enterprise’s capabilities and objectives, and create better overall experiences for your customers, employees, and business units.
  • Understanding the power of the information layer will drive integrated impact of your enterprise’s capabilities in search, analytics, AI/ML, enterprise content management, and more.
  • Interactive activities to build the governance, strategy, alignment and modeling foundations necessary to ensure your work can adapt sustainably as your business evolves.
  • Practical strategies for driving a business case for your enterprise information layer, winning support for broad IA initiatives and demonstrating tangible returns.


Morning Session

  • Information Architecture/Taxonomy Basics
  • Definition of ‘Enterprise’
  • Information Modeling
  • Information Architecture as an Enterprise Foundation

Lunch break

Afternoon Session

  • Role of Information Architecture in Enterprise Initiatives
  • What are impacts and what is impacted by IA/Taxonomies?
  • Inputs (assessments) for modeling and building an Enterprise IA