UserTesting has fundamentally changed the way organizations get insights from customers with fast, opt-in feedback and experience capture technology. The UserTesting Human Insight Platform taps into our global network of real people and generates video-based Customer Experience Narratives (CXNs)™, so anyone in an organization can directly ask questions, hear what users say, see what they mean, and understand what it’s actually like to be a customer. Unlike approaches that track user behavior then try to infer what that behavior means, UserTesting is at the forefront of innovation as it eliminates the guesswork and brings customer experience data to life with human insight. UserTesting has more than 2,100 customers, including more than half of the world’s top 100 most valuable brands according to Forbes.

Emphasizing Empathy as a Cornerstone of the Customer Experience

A Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Report, sponsored by UserTesting—This report explores the role of empathy in delivering a better customer experience, the reasons why many companies continue to over-index on data rather than facilitating human connections and provides recommendations on how business leaders can bring more customer empathy into decisions that impact the customer experience.

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UserTesting Use Case Guidebook

UserTesting’s Human Insight Platform enables companies to see, hear, and talk to their customers as they engage with products, apps, and messaging. This guide has been developed to share some common use cases and stories of how our customers have used the UserTesting platform to gather fast and relevant human insights.

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We’ve all heard about the trends around democratizing research, but less about how to do it in a sustainable way that fits our unique business models and environments. This session will cover critical considerations and strategies based on experience and case studies around how and when it is is appropriate to consider enabling and empowering non-researchers to gather insights and best practices on how to create process, training, and tools that drive success.

Our team has studied research democratization efforts of many shapes and sizes. This session focuses on what we’ve learned by approaching democratization from the perspective of the designers, product managers, marketers, and other non-researchers involved.

You should not be doing research for the sake of doing research. Research takes time and needs to be well throughout. More importantly, you need to determine if your findings are actually meaningful to the organization. In this session we will look at the idea of statistical significance and meaningfulness when reporting research findings.