Jennifer Strickland
Senior Human Centered Design, Accessibility Engineer

Jennifer Strickland is a Senior Human Centered Design, Accessibility Engineer. With a non-traditional path to design and more than 25 years of professional experience in a variety of mediums, Jennifer led product teams and served in nearly every role in the product life cycle. With an intersectional, non-binary identity of a multi-racial ethnicity and invisible disabilities, they experience a lot of exclusion. Prioritizing inclusion, Jennifer aims to ensure no one is excluded from products and services from the beginning. Inclusion as culture, not a feature to be backlogged.

Additionally, Jennifer is an invited expert with the W3C, serves on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Working Group, finalizing WCAG 2.2, drafting WCAG 3.0, and a co-lead of the Structured Content sub-group. They volunteer with a number of organizations such as the U.S. Digital Response, AIGA DC (2021 DotGov Programming Director, IxDA DC (organizer), UXPA DC, and speak on inclusion, accessibility, web performance, and CSS at a variety of events. Jennifer was a speaker for the inaugural Rosenfeld Media Civic Design Conference in December 2021.