The Right Way to Select Technology

Get the Real Story on Finding the Best Fit

By Tony Byrne & Jarrod Gingras

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  • The Right Way to Select Technology Cover
  • Why do half of all technology projects fail? One big reason: they start off on the wrong foot when an enterprise picks the wrong technology. This book distills two decades of lessons learned advising buyers how to make the right choice. It offers a practical, hands-on methodology for selecting the best-fitting tool by emphasizing a modern, human-centered approach.

    Table of Contents

    Part I: Business Foundations

    Chapter 1: Craft a No-Bullshit Business Case
    Chapter 2: Build a Selection Team That Works
    Chapter 3: Get the Basic Foundations Right

    Part II: Needs and Opportunities

    Chapter 4: Capture Requirements That Don’t Suck
    Chapter 5: Why User Stories Are Everything
    Chapter 6: Ask Questions That Really Matter

    Part III: Conduct Market Analysis

    Chapter 7: Find More Than the Usual Suspects
    Chapter 8: How to Target the Right Suppliers
    Chapter 9: Choose the Best Solicitation Approach

    Part IV: Engage with Suppliers

    Chapter 10: Create RFPs That Actually Work
    Chapter 11: Keeping It Real with Bidders
    Chapter 12: How to Evaluate Proposals Critically

    Part V: Try Before You Buy

    Chapter 13: Hold Demos on Your Own Terms
    Chapter 14: Run Competitor Proof-of-Concepts

    Part VI: Make the Right Choice

    Chapter 15: Negotiate Like a Pro
    Chapter 16: Make the Right Final Selection
    Chapter 17: Adapt This Process for Selecting Services Firms