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Advanced Problem Space Research

Taught by Indi Young

Mental models represent the alignment between your organization’s efforts to support people (lower half of the diagram), and the reasoning and reactions of real people as they achieve a purpose (top half of the diagram). This alignment, or lack, can help your team prioritize, refine, and clarify services, audience segments, and branches.

Brand-driven content strategy

Taught by Margot Bloomstein

Brand-driven content strategy complements user-centered design and empowers visual design. If you manage, mentor, or practice content marketing, content strategy, or in-house design, a brand-driven perspective can help focus and facilitate your work.

Do It Yourself Usability Testing

Taught by Steve Krug

Even though usability testing is the most effective thing you can do to improve a Web site, application or app, not nearly enough of it gets done. This workshop will teach you Steve Krug’s formula for doing testing that’s simple enough to make it a routine part of every project.

Information Architecture Essentials

Taught by Jorge Arango

More of our transactions and social interactions are moving online every day. People access these digital products and services using a growing variety of devices: notebook computers, mobile phones, wearables, voice-driven smart assistants, and more.

Good experience requires that these systems be coherent and understandable. As a result, information architecture (IA) is more important today than ever before.

Introduction to Design Operations

Taught by Dave Malouf

Historically, design practices have focused on process, methods, and craft. But this limits design’s potential—design leaders can provide more value to their organizations by implementing robust DesignOps. In Introduction to Design Operations, Dave Malouf will introduce participants to the three lenses of DesignOps, and how each one helps an organization increase the value it gets … Continued

Introduction to User Experience

Taught by Jason CranfordTeague

This one or two day workshop will train anyone—regardless of their current skill level—in what makes and how to create a great user experience. The teacher will lead the class through a series of developmental exercises that stress user centered design, design thinking methodology, and the importance of considering what success looks like before trying … Continued

Mapping experiences: from insight to action

Taught by Jim Kalbach

Mapping touchpoints between customer and businesses is the first step in creating products and services that provide real value, designing cross-channel solutions, and thinking from the outside in rather than the inside out.

Measure What Matters: Crafting UX Success Metrics

Taught by Kate Rutter

Business culture requires quantifiable measures of success. And yet, most company metrics and analytics miss the most important question: “does our product work for our users?” By adding meaningful metrics to a design toolkit, teams are better equipped to measure interactions that are core to the product’s purpose. When relevant metrics are used to inform and support design decisions, the results can be both strategic and persuasive.

Web Governance

Taught by Lisa Welchman

This course provides a forum for organizations to discuss and begin to resolve their governance concerns in a workshop environment.