San Francisco UX Workshops

September 26 and 27, 2019

With Nathan Curtis and Dave Malouf

  • We’re bringing two Design Operations experts—Nathan Curtis and Dave Malouf—to San Francisco in September to teach day-long workshops. These are a great opportunity to deepen your design skills and learn with peers—not to mention get away from the office.

    Take one, the other or both workshops; ticket prices go up August 28.

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    Who’s teaching and what they’ll cover

    nathan curtis
    September 26

    Scalable Design Systems

    Design systems guru

    The role of design with large organizations is expanding, spreading across product teams and influencing decision-making at higher and higher levels. This scale makes it increasingly challenging to align product teams to deliver cohesive, consistent experiences efficiently across a customer journey.

    This workshop exposes you to the broad range of those considerations – planning, design, building, documenting, and other practices involved—to equip you with tools and activities to start, spread, and sustain a system yourself.

    dave malouf
    September 27

    Design Operations Essentials

    Consultant, Coach, Teacher

    This workshop helps design leaders and managers apply service design mindsets and methods to their own design organization so they can increase the value their design organization contributes to their larger organization. We will review the makeup of an operational model for a design organization, a canvas for insight discovery of breakdowns in your current operational model, and finally, use service blueprinting to imagine a new holistic design operations model.

    If you are in the early stages of implementing design operations practice in your organizations, this workshop will teach you both a broad and flexible definition of design operations as well as tangible activities for how to start.


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  • What it costs

    $895 per workshop early bird pricing
    $995 per workshop after August 28

    Groups of 3 or more receive $50 off each ticket when registering as part of the same order.

    Schedule for both days

    8:00am: Breakfast/registration
    9:00am: Workshop starts
    10:30am: Morning break
    12:00pm: Lunch
    2:30pm: Afternoon break
    5:00pm: Workshop concludes

    What you'll get

    • Breakfast, lunch, and snacks
    • Workshop slides and materials
    • Quality time with Dave and Nathan
    • A free Rosenfeld Media book

    Where it happens

    American Institute of Architects
    130 Sutter Street
    San Francisco, CA 94104

    Need advice about getting there or where to stay? Contact us.

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Groups of 3 or more receive $50 off each ticket when registering as part of the same order.

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