New York City UX Workshops

May 20 and 21, 2019

With Steve Portigal and Indi Young

  • We’re bringing two of user research’s leading lights—Steve Portigal and Indi Young—to New York City in May to teach day-long workshops. These are a great opportunity to deepen your research skills and learn with peers—not to mention get away from the office.

    Take one, the other or both workshops; ticket prices go up March 21.

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    Who’s teaching and what they’ll cover

    steve portigal headshot
    May 20

    Fundamentals of Interviewing Users

    Expert at interviewing people student of what makes culture

    Not getting the results you want from your interview-based user research? Interviewing is one of the most valuable and commonly used user research tools, yet it’s often not used well because people tend to think it’s just about talking and listening.

    Stop “winging it” and learn the importance of rapport-building and listening to capture the crucial nuances that point to innovative breakthrough opportunities. In this session, you’ll gain the techniques you need for successful interviewing and leave with practice exercises for improving your team’s interviewing skills as well ways to engage others in the organization during your interviewing process.

    There’s no requirement to have an advanced level of experience in conducting user research of any type, while those with such expertise will benefit from taking an implicit process and stepping back from it in order to consider how they work.

    Indi Young
    May 21

    Mental Models for Better Decision-Making

    with Indi Young
    Trailblazing empathy researcher

    This course is a one-day microcosm of Indi Young’s whole advanced training cycle. It also contains new material from her upcoming book.

    As product creators, teams focus a lot on solutions, spending only a couple of days understanding the problems. Yet, it’s clear that understanding the problem deeply leads to more opportunities, new markets, and humanized support for real needs. Indi’s mental models & thinking-styles is a method deployed over years, fitting into your development schedule, yet providing much needed depth. Mental models and thinking-styles outline future possibilities and guide current ideation and design. Spending more time understanding different perspectives on the problem is a much better approach to really helping the world.

    In this full-day workshop, Indi will introduce how to look at problems through the lens of peoples’ purpose. You’ll learn how to decide where to gather deeper understanding, and how to listen for people’s inner thinking, reactions, and guiding principles. Indi will show you how to treat this qualitative data properly, avoiding bias, building patterns from the bottom up. Lastly, you’ll spend time working with some mental model diagrams and thinking-styles created by Indi, so you get a chance to taste the powerful impact of deep understanding in the problem space.


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  • What it costs

    $895 per workshop early bird pricing
    $995 per workshop after March 20

    Groups of 3 or more receive $50 off each ticket when registering as part of the same order.

    Schedule for both days

    8:00am: Breakfast/registration
    9:00am: Workshop starts
    10:30am: Morning break
    12:00pm: Lunch
    2:30pm: Afternoon break
    5:00pm: Workshop concludes

    What you’ll get

    • Breakfast, lunch, and snacks
    • Workshop slides and materials
    • Quality time with Steve and Indi
    • A free Rosenfeld Media book

    Where it happens

    WeWork Event Center
    85 Broad Street
    New York, NY 10004

    Need advice about getting there or where to stay? Contact us.

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Groups of 3 or more receive $50 off each ticket when registering as part of the same order.

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