Enterprise Experience Conference Workshops

San Francisco – June 5, 2019

Full-day workshops – add one to your conference ticket or register for a single course.

  • Who’s teaching and what they’ll cover

    Theresa Neil
    June 5

    Just Make Me a Dashboard!

    Author and acclaimed expert in app design

    This workshop will help you turn a cringeworthy directive into an opportunity to uplevel data visualization to your enterprise organization.

    Carolyn Hou
    June 5

    Business Thinking for Designers

    Founder, Arlo Labs

    This workshop will jump start your ability to “think business” by providing you with the key principles for finance, organizational structure, and strategy to make better decisions in business settings.

    jacqui frey
    June 5

    Design Operations and Program Management

    Director of Design Operations at MailChimp

    This workshop will help you identify the critical operations for your teams to more efficiently and effectively operationalize your organization’s customer experience strategies.

    Dan Brown
    June 5

    Tough Conversations in UX

    with Dan Brown
    Co-founder, EightShapes

    This workshop will teach you how to navigate difficult conversations, then identify and practice techniques that you can bring to your conversations to make them productive.

    nathan curtis
    June 5

    Scalable Design Systems

    Design systems guru

    This workshop will equip you with tools and activities to start, spread, and sustain a system yourself.


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