So You Want to Become a Product Manager?

10 hours over 4 segments

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    Who’s teaching and what they’ll cover

    Christian Crumlish

    So You Want to Become a Product Manager?

    with Christian Crumlish
    Designer of amazing cross-channel experiences

    User Experience is arguably the best foundation for becoming a Product Manager, but it will only get you part of the way there. This workshop identifies the UX-related skills, complementary technology, and business expertise you’ll need to master to succeed as a product manager.

    You’ll learn how to leverage your design “superpowers” and user experience training to thrive in a product-centric workplace, achieve better outcomes in terms of product UX, develop more efficient teams, and foster better work environments.

    You’ll also be better positioned to chart your career course in a product world, which equips you to:

    • Take on a new role as a product manager or product leader;
    • Work more effectively with product managers as a UX practitioner in a product-led organization; and
    • Reframe your UX design orientation (and reinvent your career!) in terms of digital product design writ large.

    Who is this workshop for?

    This workshop is for UX practitioners across the spectrum, including researchers, strategists, architects, and designers.

    Why do I teach this workshop?

    I have a decade’s experience leading product teams, several decades of UX success behind that, I host a community for designers-turned-PMs, and I frequently mentor junior and intermediate practitioners sorting out their career goals and paths. One of my workshop participants the first time I delivered an earlier version of this called it “the best workshop” she had ever attended!

    About the instructor

    Christian Crumlish is a product and UX leadership consultant at Design in Product, where he also hosts a product/UX community. He is currently leading the product management of and consulting on govtech product practices with California’s Office of Digital Innovation. He is also a mentor at Code for America and StartX, and a fellow in the Rosenfeld Media Experts network. Christian earned an AB at Princeton in philosophy, where he graduated sine laude.

    Formerly, he was head of product at 7 Cups, winner of the 2016 Stanford Medicine X Prize for health systems design and a 2019 World Economic Forum Pioneer. He has also co-chaired the monthly BayCHI program, was senior director of product at CloudOn, was director of messaging products for AOL (AIM), was the last curator of the Yahoo design pattern library, and served two terms as a director of the late lamented Information Architecture Institute.

    He is the author of the bestselling ​The Internet for Busy People​ and ​The Power of Many​, and co-author of ​Designing Social Interfaces​. Christian lives in Palo Alto with his wife, Briggs Nisbet, and an ever-growing collection of ukuleles.


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