Scaling DesignOps

10 hours over 2 segments: October 19 and 26, 2020

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    Who’s teaching and what they’ll cover

    Scaling DesignOps: Activating Your Organization

    with Kristine Berry and Jenny Price
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    Enabling DesignOps at scale brings the promise of effective transformation for design teams—their capabilities, performance, and business outcomes. But what does it take to operationalize this within your own organization? Workshop participants will explore and assess how they might scale essential areas of DesignOps to better support and build sustainable design teams within their own organizations.

    Jenny Price and Kristine Berry, two IBM DesignOps leaders, will lead participants through a series of IBM Design Thinking exercises that will ultimately result in a customized roadmap that participants can bring back to their organizations.

    During this hands-on, team-based workshop, attendees will have the opportunity to assess and ideate on their organization’s approach to scaling DesignOps by:

    • Exploring strategies for advancing DesignOps across your organization
    • Engaging with other DesignOps leaders who are interested in solving for pain-points
    • Selecting concepts that will be the most useful for your organization
    • Developing a 30-60-90 day roadmap specifically for your organization to explore further iteration
    • Learning more about DesignOps resources, methodologies, and applications

    About the instructors

    Kristine Berry is a Design advocate, change agent and leader who is passionate about helping teams enjoy their work, and deliver outcomes that delight users and clients. She has 20 years of experience enabling design practices and people in a variety of IBM roles, including: Enterprise Design Thinking and Agile Transformation, Program/Project Management, Instructional Design, and Client Experience. She began her new role as the IBM Z DesignOps Program Director earlier this year, where she serves as an integration point across the IBM Z Design community, working with leaders to drive forward strategic initiatives and help bridge gaps in Design talent, process, and outcomes.

    Jenny Price is a dedicated design leader, designer, strategist, and DesignOps Lead for the Digital Growth & Commerce team at IBM. The Digital Growth & Commerce design team drives innovation at IBM, one of the enterprise digital information technology leaders in the world, and creates the next generation experiences to help users while driving business results. This team leads the strategic and implementation direction and design system for transforming the way IBM does business digitally across the enterprise.

    Jenny has worked professionally within the field of design and innovation development for over a decade for numerous clients dedicated to the healthcare industry, higher education, and more. She has extensive experience leading large-scale distributed design teams and programs. Jenny is an advocate for the design profession and designers serving in numerous national leadership positions within AIGA, the professional association for design.


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  • Schedule

    Part 1: Monday, October 19: 11am-4pm EDT
    Part 2: Monday, October 26: 11am-4pm EDT

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