Content Design for Everyone Else

10 hours over 3 segments

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    Who’s teaching and what they’ll cover

    Content Design for Everyone Else

    with Jane Ruffino

    Every word in your product has a purpose. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to define that purpose, then choose language that aligns with your product strategy and vision. You’ll get an overview of what content design is, and get practical skills through hands-on activities that will help you write the user experience. You’ll be better equipped to include content and language when evaluating user needs, establish content assessment criteria, make UX content decisions, and create standards and consistency across an experience.

    Who should attend

    This workshop is for design and creative professionals who believe that content matters in every designed experience. You have an interest in content design and UX writing, but need some practical help making content decisions with purpose.
    You’ll leave with:

    • A solid argument for integrating content into the design process and some steps to get there
    • Techniques for designing ‘situational content’ that leads and guides your users in the right way, at the right time
    • Practical methods for diagnosing content problems and setting criteria, so that the words you choose aren’t just purposeful, they’re also defensible
    • Strong reasoning for the ‘work’ around content design, whether or not you have a dedicated content designer or UX writer on your team
    • A deeper understanding of product content that will save you and your teams time, money, and headaches as you build and scale

    About the instructor

    Jane Ruffino is a content designer and UX writer with a focus on teaching and facilitation. She has more than 20 years of teaching and learning design experience, and has developed and taught courses for Sweden’s premier communications institution, Berghs School of Communication, the UX Design Institute, and for corporate and educational clients across the US and Europe. With her content design studio, Character, she also helps organizations of all sizes use language to shape products and services from the ground up.


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    Wednesday, February 2: 8-11:30am PT
    Thursday, February 3: 8-11:30am PT
    Friday, February 4: 8-11am PT

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