Sarah Horton


…aciello Group. Sarah is co-author with Patrick Lynch of Web Style Guide, now in its third edition and translated into at least eight languages. She also wrote Web Teaching Guide, which in 2000 won the American Association of Publishers award for best book in computer science. Her third book, Access by Design, combines the disciplines of universal design, accessibility, and usability into guidelines for designing websites that are universally…

Marta Justak


…ia, including television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and books—mostly as a writer and editor, but also as an associate publisher and literary agent. Marta has been a book packager for the past 13 years producing books for publishers, which involves working with authors to write the book and supervise development editing, copy editing, layout, design, proofreading, and indexing. She has produced hundreds of books, including children’s…

For Prospective Authors


…where. Answer: We pay you more. Our royalties are higher than what you’d get elsewhere. And they’re worth more because—thanks to our cutting out the middleman—our margins are much better than those of traditional publishers. And thanks to our effective targeting and better margins, we can take on narrowly focused books that other publishers don’t think will sell enough copies to be profitable. Answer: We’re easier to work…

We’re now more than a publishing company


…ng an ecosystem of user experience expertise. At its center are the experts—at current count, 49—who can help you research and design better. Some are our own books’ authors, some have written excellent books for other publishers, and some are simply too busy to have written a book at all. What distinguishes them? Their combination of smarts and experience is simply without equal. Our role in this ecosystem is to provide the infrastructure…

Our new editorial advisory board


…t, Andy Polaine, Boon Sheridan, Dave Malouf, Sara Wachter-Boettcher, Steve Krug, and Whitney Quesenbery. You can read their bios here. This rag-tag bunch is a mix of past RM authors with people who’ve written for other publishers and—gasp!—have self-published. (Another gasp: some aren’t authors at all.) They work solo, at agencies, and at large organizations. They represent many, if not most, facets of UX. All, at some point in their…

Design our book covers?


…ame, author name, publisher mark Back cover: Book reviews and testimonials, publisher mark, website URL, book description/what you’ll find inside Size: 6”x9” Length: typically 150-200 pages Bindery: Perfect bound Competition Publishers such as New Riders, Peachpit, Morgan Kaufmann, and O’Reilly have begun to publish books on user experience design. Most are relatively long (400-600 pages) and educate readers about the “whats” and “whys” of UX….

UX Zeitgeist now in alpha


…re books that address the community’s needs. So, there are many possible benefits—to UX practitioners who want to learn more, to the UX community, which can benefit from a library and from more, better UX books, and to publishers, who will be able to better meet the UX community’s needs. Naturally, we’ll issue the standard “it’s in alpha” disclaimer, as well as point you to known bugs. Eventually, we plan to…

Indi Young’s Mental Models book is on the way


…book’s printed edition (using a bound full-color prototype (printed by The data gleaned from observing target readers perform common tasks and complete a post-test questionnaire was incredibly valuable; all publishers should be doing this. (We’ll be testing the PDF edition of the book later this month, and if you’re in the New York City area and would like to be a test subject, please let us know.) For now,…

Diane Cerra joins Rosenfeld Media’s strategic board


…blishing industry insider who’s been wonderfully generous with her advice for our fledgling publishing house. It seemed silly not to formalize the relationship! Diane serves as executive editor at Morgan & Claypool Publishers, where she publishes the HCI Series and other computer and information science-related series in the Synthesis Digital Library. She is former publisher at Morgan Kaufmann, where she founded and published books in…

Future Practice Interview: Kristina Halvorson


…occur within most agencies and organizations towards treating content like a business asset and not an afterthought. Jeff MacIntyre has a very smart, common-sense approach to helping companies understand their identities as publishers—which, we all are, aren’t we? User experience managers need to explore ways in which content strategy can help establish (or, at least, contribute to) editorial standards and policies that deeply consider…