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Veronika Kindred
Designer and Researcher, Big Medium

Veronika Kindred is a designer and researcher at digital agency Big Medium, where she defines and solves design problems alongside some of the world’s biggest companies.

Veronika graduated with high honors from New York University with a major in Politics and a minor in Data Science—a useful combination for navigating both organizational and technical design challenges. Her research projects have included building clean data sets from congressional hearings on climate change, studying the effects of mobile technology on African political engagement, and exploring how AI has impacted user experience.

Veronika also has a degree in photography from Fashion Institute of Technology. Her photographs have appeared in O, The Oprah Magazine and in, the United Nations organization for women’s rights.

When she’s not wrangling Figma files and thorny research questions, Veronika wrangles (very) young dance students as a weekend ballet teacher in Brooklyn. In both dance and design, she enjoys bringing discipline, grace, and an air of lightness to her work.