Announcing The User Experience Team of One (2nd edition)!
Josh Clark
Principal, Big Medium

Josh Clark is principal of Big Medium, a digital agency that helps complex organizations design for what’s next. Josh is a design leader specializing in digital transformation around emerging technology, process, user experience, and design at scale. His projects include future-friendly interfaces for AI, connected devices, and the web—and enterprise design systems for many of the world’s biggest companies.

Josh coined the phrase Sentient Design to describe the already-here future of intelligent interfaces—AI-mediated experiences that seem almost self-aware in their response to user needs. Sentient Design describes the form of this new experience, as well as a framework and philosophy for applying it. Josh is author with Veronika Kindred of “Sentient Design: AI and the New Digital Experience,” the forthcoming book from Rosenfeld Media.

Josh is also author of several other books, including Designing for Touch (A Book Apart) and Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps (O’Reilly).

Before the internet swallowed him up in the 1990s, Josh was a producer of national PBS programs at Boston’s WGBH. He shared his three words of Russian with Mikhail Gorbachev, strolled the ranch with Nancy Reagan, hobnobbed with Rockefellers, and wrote trivia questions for a primetime game show. He was crowned 11th strongest man in Maine after a highly scientific series of trials—at a county fair with, ahem, just ten other competitors. In 1996, Josh created the “Couch-to–5K” (C25K) running program, which has helped millions of skeptical would-be exercisers take up running. (His motto is the same for fitness as it is for software user experience: no pain, no pain.)