Kate Rutter

Kate Rutter

Lean strategist with visual communication chops

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About Kate

Kate Rutter is an entrepreneur and UX designer with a talent for bringing companies and customers together through visual methods, lean strategies, and user-centered design. She’s helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, designers, and UX managers implement Lean startup and participatory UX methods in their organizations.

Kate is Principal at Intelleto, and leads the UX learning track at Tradecraft, an immersive program that trains high-potential designers to work in growing startup companies. She Co-founded Luxr.co, an online education company that helps entrepreneurs create products that customers want, need, and love to buy. Prior to Luxr, Kate was Senior Practitioner at UX consultancy Adaptive Path, where she specialized in bringing customer empathy and collaborative UX practices to companies big and small.

Kate speaks internationally on topics of UX and design entrepreneurship, rapid innovation, and visual communication techniques.