Have a compelling story about your adventures designing solutions for people within complex organizations? We want everybody at Enterprise UX 2018 to hear it.

The Enterprise UX Storytelling Session has been a highlight of every Enterprise UX conference. Check out the videos and you’ll see why! Our storytellers regale and enchant us with tales of bravery, fear, ingenuity, and failure. For this year’s conference, we are looking for three kinds of stories:

  1. Great Ideas: 
Instead of just bitching about a recurring problem, you came up with a solution that will make it go away forever. Or maybe you’ve got part of a great idea and want some of the other big brains visiting San Francisco to help you figure it out.
  2. Tales of Horror: 
You took on the unique challenges of enterprise UX… and failed! Tales of Horror should be about a specific project or effort, and there must be a clear moral to the story.
  3. Rants: We want to hear your frothing, emotional tirade. To get a slot on the program you’ll have to clearly describe what caused your outburst, and skillfully connect your experiences to experiences common to your audience.

The details

  • Each story must be told in five minutes or less.
  • Slides are optional. (Most of last year’s storytellers didn’t need them.)
  • If your submission is accepted for the program, you’ll attend Enterprise UX 2018 for free! And you’ll get free coaching from the incredible Dan Willis, who curates and moderates the Enterprise UX Storytelling session.

Submissions: Convince us that you are the storyteller we’re looking for by completing this form by the April 20 deadline. We’ll announce the winners on May 1.

Questions? Contact The Enterprise UX Storytelling Session’s organizer Dan Willis (dan [at] dswillis dot com).