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Our INVEST theme, one of Enterprise UX’s four “mini-conferences,” focuses on strategic gains over quick wins, and balances long- and short-term priorities. INVEST helps us think beyond our immediate needs and lay the groundwork that supports the growth of design and design practitioners within an enterprise: Understanding context across functional teams to create strong partnerships, building and supporting effective teams, and making sure that our teams are developing the skills that will make them successful in the future.

INVEST is facilitated by Amy Marquez (Manager, Alexa Personality Experience team, Amazon) and features three presentations:

  1. A Roadmap for Maturing Design in the Enterprise“: J. J. Kercher (Director of Customer Experience, AppFolio)
  2. The Magic Word is Trust“: Dorelle Rabinowitz (Senior Director, Global Design, PayPal)
  3. How to Identify and Increase your ‘Experience Quotient’“: Patanjali Chary (Vice President of User Experience, Ellie Mae)

What does it meant to invest in design if you’re an enterprise? These four experts will show you how investing in your people, education, and resources can transform your products and your entire team’s productivity. Get a taste of what we’ll cover in this short podcast interview with Amy Marquez—or just go ahead and register for Enterprise UX.