There are many ways to participate in Enterprise UX 2018: presenting, volunteering, sponsoring. Read on…

Want to speak? 

We’re really fortunate—LOTS of people contact us to suggest speakers or nominate themselves.

In the past, we’ve stuck to filling our program slots by invitation only. But for Enterprise UX 2018, we’re trying something new: a formal process for suggesting speakers. Please nominate the people who inspire you most—or yourself. You’ll help ensure that our speaker lineup is diverse, balanced, and is drawn from far beyond our own personal networks.

Another way to speak

Well, there is another way to get on our program: apply to be one of our enterprise UX storytellers. Each year we choose eight people to tell five-minute stories from their work in the enterprise trenches. We’ll start taking applications some time in March; subscribe to our newsletter or follow @enterpriseux to find out when.

Want to help out?

We’re always looking for volunteers! Typically we ask volunteers to work for about half of the conference in return for a complimentary pass. Email Karen Corbett if you’re interested; please let her know if you’ve ever volunteered at other conferences before (and how you helped).

Want your company to participate?

We’d be more than happy to have your company sponsor Enterprise UX 2018. We can do the basic stuff (e.g., exhibition booths) or work with you on coming up with something wild and creative. Email Michelle Kaplan for details on how to sponsor.