Our COMMUNICATE theme, one of Enterprise UX’s four “mini-conferences,” will help you get across the needs of our audiences, the value of our practices, and the unique skills we bring to the enterprise table. COMMUNICATE discusses how to make others understand and appreciate UX value, how to convey user insights, and how to find a common language with our non-UX partners within enterprise.

COMMUNICATE is facilitated by Margot Dear (Senior Director of User Experience, ADP) and features three presentations:

  1. Communicating the ROI of UX within a large enterprise and out on the streets”: JD Buckley (Principal, UX Strategy & Research, ADP Innovation Center)
  2. Peace is waged with sticky notes: Mapping Real-World Experiences”: Jim Kalbach (Head of Customer Success, MURAL)
  3. Innovate with Purpose“: Janaki Kumar (formerly CTO, US Department of Veterans Affairs)

If you’re struggling to effectively explain why enterprise-level UX matters to your org, you’ll find our COMMUNICATE Theme at Enterprise UX 2018 particularly relevant. Get a taste of what we’ll cover in this short podcast interview with Margot Dear—or just go ahead and register for Enterprise UX.