Facilitation for Designers

Palace Hotel June 13, 2018 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

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Dan Brown

Design is facilitation. As designers, we engage people across the enterprise to bring out their best ideas, to get buy-in on a product direction, and to build and support products. These things require facilitation, a skill separate and distinct from designing screens or services. In this session, designers will develop their facilitation skills for two main scenarios: facilitating pre-planned workshops and facilitating off the cuff. For workshops, we’ll look at a common structure to plan next-level working sessions. For ad hoc facilitation, we’ll look at habits that help extract the most value out of your participants. Finally, as senior designers, we’re called upon to deal with the most difficult facilitation situations, and we’ll look at three personas who introduce unnecessary obstacles to working sessions.


For senior designers and design leaders who:

  • Find themselves leading more and more design and strategy conversations
  • Engage in cross-discipline collaboration
  • Coach mid-career designers on being collaborative


  • Next-level facilitation behaviors that strengthen participation
  • A workshop recipe for planning more complex working sessions
  • How to deal with difficult participants