One of the four themes we’ll be covering at this year’s Enterprise UX is “Transcending Silos”. Silos plague many organizations but in enterprise design, it hurts you and kills your products. How can your team break out of the box and collaborate better with others? Our theme speakers have some inspiration with you.

Help is on the way: meet your theme speakers

These four have found success busting through silos to create change in both public and corporate environments. Ariel Kennan (New York Mayor’s Office), Mark Interrante (formerly HP Enterprise), and Ross Smith (Microsoft) will share how they transcended organizational silos through trial and error. Afterwards, theme leader Toby Haug of SAP will guide panel discussion and an audience Q&A to generate take-aways you can bring back to your company and put into action.

If this is a theme that particularly resonates with you, tell Toby, Ariel, Mark, and Ross what you’d like to cover or learn–post in the comments below before 5/4 to help shape their talks to what matters to you.

Here are two questions Mark would like hear your thoughts on:

  • What have you seen done that can effectively reduce the impact of silos in your organization?
  • Which role in your broader organization is most focused on cross silo activities? How do they team with others?

Feel free to answer his questions, or pitch your own. What’s at the core of the struggles you have with silos in your work? Tell us below.