One of the four themes we’ll be covering at Enterprise UX 2017 is “Leading Teams that Execute”. You’re probably getting to a point where your enterprise has invested heavily in recruiting and building UX teams—but what comes next? How do you keep your team together. And how to you make sure they’re focused on execution?

To address team execution, we’ve pulled together three great speakers—Gretchen Anderson (Pacific Gas & Electric), Kim Lenox (LinkedIn), and Peter Merholz (Snagajob)—under the guidance of theme leader Phillip Hunter of Amazon. Listen to this podcast (24 minutes) with Phillip to hear more.

But we’d also like to hear from you. What challenges are you facing right now? Comment below to give Phillip, Gretchen, Kim and Peter a better sense of what to cover (see—we do our user research!). The following questions will get you started:

  • What organizational challenges and obstacles keep your UX team from executing the way you’d like them to?
  • In what ways could the bar be raised for delivering great UX in your organization?
  • In what areas does your UX team have the most room for growth toward fulfilling its mission?