One of the four themes we’ll be covering at Enterprise UX 2017 is “Crafting Enterprise Experiences”. These days users expect enterprise products to work as well as their consumer-based apps. Um, easier said than done when you have to obsess about scaleability, legacy systems, and organizational complexity.

Meet your theme speakers

Fortunately, we’ve gathered four experts to help conference attendees approach the craft of enterprise UX from a new angle (head banging stops here). Robert Reimann (PatientsLikeMe), Craig Villamor (AppDynamics), and Tricia Wang (Constellate Data) will share lessons learned from living out the craft in their organizations. Afterwards, theme leader Theresa Neil of Strategy + Design will guide panel discussion and an audience Q&A to generate take-aways you can bring back and apply to your work.


If this is a theme that particularly resonates with you, give Theresa, Robert, Craig and Tricia a better sense of what you’d like to cover or learn–about the crafting enterprise UX this week. Post in the comments below before 4/15 to give them input.

Here are a few starter questions to get us thinking and talking.

  • Do you think qualitative user research offers important insights that help create scalable, user-friendly enterprise products? How?
  • How do you control what you can’t control? Do you think modular UX design can make scalability and customization more manageable?
  • How do you balance consistency and customization when creating enterprise products for multiple brands (e.g. Google, etc)?

What’s keeping you up at night about crafting enterprise experiences users love?