We’re hoping our presentation videos will be available Real Soon Now. In the meantime, please enjoy these four excellent articles covering Enterprise UX 2017 from diginomica’s Jon Reed:

  • Designing for policy change–Ariel Kennan on applying design to New York City’s homeless problem”
    Changing the plight of the homeless through design? It sounds fanciful. But in a memorable talk at Enterprise UX 2017, Ariel Kennan of the New York City Mayor’s Office shared what her team has accomplished – and the challenges ahead. (full article)
  • Can we get beyond incremental innovation with design?–Enterprise UX views with Sam Yen”
    Design as a way to transform the enterprise? It’s a heady concept, one that got plenty of play at Enterprise UX 2017. A chat with Sam Yen of SAP explains the reasoning – and raises new questions. (full article)
  • Design for strategy, not features–structuring UX design teams around customer experiences”
    Designing for strategic impact sounds good. Designing for customer experience – even better. But how? At Enterprise UX 2017, Peter Merholz got realistic with some practical ways of structuring design teams. (full article)
  • Scoot over DevOps, make room for DesignOps”
    Heard enough about DevOps? Fancy some DesignOps? The term doesn’t matter – but operationalizing design does. Here’s what I learned from Capital One’s Kristin Skinner. (full article)