Susan Worthman Business Design Strategist/Professor, California College of the Arts

Susan Worthman is a business design strategist, with a background in new market development, systems thinking and organizational design. She has over 15 years’ experience helping multidisciplinary groups devise new products, services and business models through design thinking and business model innovation. Susan has held senior management positions in nonprofits, Fortune 500s and startups in the US and Europe. An ‘accidental designer-academic’’, she has worked at the California College of the Arts since 2009, where she founded and led the Leading by Design Fellows Program at the California College of the Arts, an executive education program in innovation leadership for strategic change. She is the Associate Chair for the Design Strategy and the Strategic Foresight MBA programs, and an Associate Professor in innovation and experience design. She holds an MBA in Strategic Management from San Francisco State University and a BA in History from the University of Pennsylvania.

Susan is leading the Growing UX Talent and Teams theme.