Fredrik Matheson Experience Lead, BEKK

Fredrik has spent the last decade working on digitization and collaboration projects for large enterprises in finance, insurance, telecoms, aviation, manufacturing, engineering and government. Simple to use is hard to do, and nowhere is this more true than in the enterprise. Applying a designish curiosity to the constantly evolving value chains, competitive landscape, core capabilities and rigidities of the enterprise is the best way to make great things happen.

Fredrik’s experience working with air traffic controllers, financial comptrollers, actuaries, network managers and hundreds of other specialists has taught him the value of patience, resilience, optimism and the odd bit of blackmail in helping enterprises outlive their cash cows, and just how much of a difference design thinking can make, when done right.

Fredrik also co-founded IxDA Oslo and helped it grow into one of the world’s biggest and best-run IxDA groups with 2400+ members and 100+ highly-rated meetups with international speakers.

Fredrik is speaking as part of our How to Succeed when Everyone is Your User theme.