Building Teams that Change Organizations

As of May 31, Samantha’s workshop is SOLD OUT.

Team-building exercises, like trust falls, are met with skepticism for a reason– growing a good team requires both tactical and strategic actions that take place over time, for a specific purpose. To do good design work in the enterprise, your team will need to work over a variety of timeframes, with numerous stakeholders or project owners, using a new vocabulary, and likely with a user-base who has direct access to them if they’ve got an issue. The skills needed to navigate this context with grace are developed experientially, and are rarely codified or even articulated.

Through a combination of exercises and best practice sharing, this workshop will help you create a playbook for team success within your organization, no matter what size it is. Over the course of our day, within small teams, you’ll develop a better understanding of your organization, learn how to assess your team’s talents and prime them for growth, develop emotional esprit de corps to counter burnout, and expand design throughout your organization.

Designed for people who manage people, but useful for “shadow” managers as well, the workshop begins by developing tactical understanding and effectiveness so that you can lay the foundation for strategic outcomes over time.

What You’ll Take Away

  • A better understanding of your corporate culture, how it works, and how to work it
  • Best Practices you can use to build (and support) your people so that they can work better individually, with each other, and with others in your organization
  • Operational rhythms and actions that keep your team engaged and committed over the long haul
  • Community Development techniques to scale your efforts through retention, education, and propagation