About Enterprise UX 2016

Why enterprise UX

Enterprises—huge, distributed, complex businesses, government agencies, and other large organizations—account for an enormous portion of the global economy. Yet people who engage with enterprises—employees, customers, and managers—face experiences that are tedious, fragmented, complicated, and just plain awful, especially when compared with consumer-facing experiences. It’s time to right these wrongs.

Why attend

There are dozens of excellent UX-related conferences. Why do we need one more?

Because enterprise UX problems are uniquely wicked ones, with overwhelming challenges of scale, complexity, and distributed decision-making, and intertwined with organizational behavior. Rather than covering basic UX skills, Enterprise UX 2016 will provide inspiration and models of success from leading organizations like Microsoft, MasterCard, IBM, and GE. We’ll cover how UX is practiced in these enterprises, and how in turn UX is changing the way those enterprises work.

If you believe that enterprise experiences should offer the same degree of humanity, beauty, and delight that people have come to expect from consumer experiences, please be a part of Enterprise UX 2016. Join the mailing list (below) and we’ll make sure you have all the details you’ll need about the event.

Who this conference was for

Like last year’s edition, Enterprise UX 2016 is for people who care about delivering great enterprise experiences—whether you work within an enterprise or for an enterprise software vendor

Naturally that means mid- and senior-level UX practitioners and team leaders who are charged with researching and designing enterprise software and web sites. It also means product managers who know that research and design provide their products with a competitive edge. And it means engineers, developers, marketers, and decision-makers whose organizations stand to benefit when their employees and customers enjoy better experiences.

Who was behind Enterprise UX 2016

Rosenfeld Media is producing the event; Rackspace is generously hosting and sponsoring it. Lou Rosenfeld, Dave Malouf, and Uday Gajendar make up our program committee. Rosenfeld Media’s Elaine Matthias and Karen Corbett are responsible for making sure our attendees, speakers, and sponsors enjoy a great conference experience. And Dan Willis is curating our enterprise storytellers’ session.

Program Committee

Lou RosenfeldLou Rosenfeld is Rosenfeld Media’s founder and publisher. Like many user experience folk, Lou started somewhere (library science), made his way somewhere else (information architecture), and has ended up in an entirely different place (publishing). Lou spent most of his career in information architecture consulting, first as founder of Argus Associates and later as an independent consultant. He co-founded the Information Architecture Institute and the IA Summit, the user experience network. And he does know something about publishing, having edited or co-authored five books, including the IA “bible,” Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, and Search Analytics for Your Site.

dave-maloufDave Malouf is currently a Principal Experience Strategist at HP Enterprise’s Cloud unit where he is responsible for developing strategic insights through customer and user engagement. Dave’s career spans over 20 years holding various design positions at digital product and service organizations. Dave is also a former professor of Interaction Design and continues to teach and write about design and design education. Dave is a founder of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA), a co-chair of its first global conference, and founder of the Student Design Challenge and the IxD Education Summit.

Uday GajendarUday Gajendar is a proven design leader focused on new product innovation & guiding start-ups on UX fundamentals. Uday has 15 years of versatile expertise at Frogdesign, Citrix, Peel, Netflix, Adobe, CloudPhysics and others, spanning enterprise to consumer, web to mobile domains. He also regularly writes for ACM Interactions and routinely speaks worldwide on design topics at SXSW, UX Australia, IxDA, and other venues. You can read Uday’s thoughts on design at his blog,www.ghostinthepixel.com.

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