EUX 2016’s four Challenge Sprints announced!

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Conferences have always been great places to learn by listening. Enterprise UX offers a unique opportunity to work on problems by talking—as well as listening—to one another in a live, collaborative setting we’re calling Challenge Sprints. You can work with peers and try out new thoughts in a space far, far away from the office.

Here’s the official sprint lineup:

Challenge Sprint 1: Governance in the face of silos

What sort of governance model could elevate UX best practices and unify a distributed digital landscape such as a university or a large dispersed organization?
Wednesday, June 8: 10:15am-12:15pm
Submitted by Meg Frisch (Digital Experience Manager, Temple University)

Challenge Sprint 2: Making dynamic maps

Can we create dynamic maps that remain dynamic when they are documents?
Wednesday, June 8: 1:45-3:45pm
Submitted by Alan Laidlaw (VP of Product, Ecos)

Challenge Sprint 3: Cross-team collaboration

What philosophies, processes, and tools best support cross-team collaboration and lead to products with high-quality, cohesive designs?
Thursday, June 9: 9:15-11:45am
Submitted by Melissa Casburn (Principal UX Designer, Puppet)

Challenge Sprint 4: Building a lean platform

How do you run a successful platform that creates the magic of both speed and quality?
Thursday, June 9: 1:15-3:15pm
Submitted by Hartmut Obendorf (UX Director, XING)

Participants will team up with design peers across the industry—with help from an amazing, multidisciplinary visual facilitation team from XPLANE: Cynthia Owens, Ryan Brown, and Tanner Bechtel.

If you’re already registered for the conference, look for an email from us with details on how to sign up (or pop us an email at

If you’re not already registered for the conference, do that first. We’ll then send you details inviting you to sign up for a Challenge Sprint.

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