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Are you facing a big, messy headache of an enterprise UX problem? Wish you could work on it with some peers who share the same challenge?

Good news! We’ll be trying out something new at Enterprise UX 2016: Challenge Sprints. They’ll be a great way for you to crack a tough enterprise UX challenge with small groups of about 20 peers. You might even return to work with a solution to apply right away!

XPLANE logoSound promising? It gets even better:
1. XPLANE, the consultancy that uses design to transform the way organizations solve challenges, is providing a crack three-person team to facilitate each challenge sprint.
2. If your challenge statement is one of the four accepted, your Enterprise UX 2016 registration is on us. And we’ll list you on the conference program.

Here’s how Challenge Sprints work

  • Submissions come from you. We’ll select four challenge statements (submission form below) and let you know when they’re live.
  • Anyone registered for the conference can attend. Space is limited to 20 people per sprint, first-come first-serve, at no additional cost. No more than one Sprint per person, please.
  • Two hour sprints. At the end, we’ll work with each team to create a short, shareable video of the outcome.
  • Ongoing collaboration. We’ll make Slack channels available to each team before, during, and after the conference.

Challenge Sprints are scheduled as a parallel track during the main conference program. So participating in a Sprint does mean missing one of the conference themes, but you can catch up: all conference presentation videos will be available for you to watch shortly after the conference.

What might make for a good Challenge Sprint?

That’s ultimately up to you, but here are some models:

For design systems to be successfully adopted by our enterprises, we have to give up control of them. If we’re no longer owners what role should UX people have after the design system is socialized?

There are many strands of user research happening independently throughout our enterprise. If we could align them, the sum would be greater than the parts. How might we bring them together to yield better insights?

To submit your challenge statement

Submissions are now closed. Winners will be announced April 29th.

To participate in a Challenge Sprint

  • Check back here, subscribe to our mailing list, and/or follow us on Twitter so you’ll know as soon as they’ve been announced.
  • We’ll provide a form to sign up for Challenge Sprints then.

See you in San Antonio!

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