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Hoping to attend Enterprise UX 2016? Need a little help convincing the powers that be? Here’s our contribution to the growing genre of “convince your boss” lit. But if you have additional questions or need more help, just let us know.

Reason #1: You’ll get better at designing and researching in and for large organizations

  • Enterprise UX 2016 is built around four curated themes that magnify the conversation we’ve all been having in dribs and drabs: how to create better, more humane enterprise experiences
  • Our main conference program mixes a wide array of session types—two keynotes, twelve presentations, five workshops, four challenge sprints, and eight raucous short-storytelling sessions
  • Our advanced workshops are taught by acclaimed experts, and range far beyond design and research basics

Reason #2: You’ll be learning from true innovators

  • Our speakers are amazing, ranging from design leaders at Honeywell, GE, Salesforce, IBM, and Intuit—to authors of the field’s most influential books, like Rise of the DEO, Service Design, and The Connected Company
  • We’re driving our speakers crazy by making them work—together—on their presentations months in advance

Reason #3: You’ll make important connections

  • A healthy mix of industries send their people; in 2015, large groups from Apple, Capital Group, Dell, Frost Bank, Google, Intuit, Qualcomm, Rackspace, and Salesforce attended
  • About 60% of attendees hold mid- and senior-level positions—a uniquely high proportion for a UX conference
  • There will be no shortage of opportunities to mingle at the conference and reception

…and Reason #4: 15% off with this code!

Register with code 4REASONS by June 1 and you’ll get 15% off your pass. If you do, here’s an estimate of what the Enterprise UX 2016 will cost in US Dollars:

  • $1,356: Two-day main program at 15% off (June 8-9)
  • $591: Optional one-day workshop at 15% off (June 10)
  • $697: Three nights at Westin Riverwalk (at $199 for a city view + 16.75% tax); reserve by May 17 for discounted rate)
  • $100: Estimated meals and incidentals (we’re providing most meals)
  • $400: Estimated RT airfare from San Francisco or New York
  • $50: Estimated taxi to and from airport (we’re providing shuttles between the Westin and the conference center)
  • $3,194: Estimated total for attending Enterprise UX 2016, including one workshop

The first Enterprise UX conference was a fantastic success—and we’re looking to top it in 2016. We hope you’ll be a part of it!

Want to share this with your boss in print? Here’s a PDF.

If you or your boss never needed these reasons, why not register now?


  1. This is a useful doc, but I don’t want to share it with my manager because there are a lot of mistakes

    You repeat the same bullet in reason #1 and reason #2

    In reason #3 you have the same bullet twice. Can you please clean it up so I can send and attend!?!

    1. Weird; not sure how that happened, but THANKS for finding it. Give us a moment and we’ll fix…

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