Enterprise UX 2016: speaker line-up and new themes

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We’re back!

First things first: write “Enterprise UX 2016” on your calendar for June 8-10, 2016. Thanks to Rackspace’s generosity, we’ll be returning to San Antonio, Texas. Our main program (June 8-9) will be hosted at Rackspace’s unique headquarters; our day of workshops will be at the Westin on the Riverwalk (June 10).

The main program sandwiches two keynotes—by John Maeda of Kleiner Perkins and GE’s Greg Petroff—around four “mini-conferences” that address these themes:

    1. How to Succeed when Everyone is Your User (with Ted Booth, Sam Ladner, Fredrik Matheson, and Russ Unger)
    2. Growing UX Talent and Teams (with Susan Worthman, Adam Cutler, Karen Pascoe, and Ian Swinson)
    3. Designing Design Systems (with Jack Moffett, Nathan Curtis, Dawn Nidy, and Leisa Reichelt)
    4. The Politics of Innovation (with Richard Dalton, Steve Baty, Maria Giudice, and Harry Max)

We’ll reprise our wildly successful Enterprise UX Storytellers’ session, curated by Dan Willis, which might feature your five-minute story (or rant). And we’ll be experimenting with some other ways to get you involved with the program—more on that soon.

Our full-day workshops will be taught by Andy Polaine, Dave Gray, Lisa Welchman, Nathan Curtis, and Samantha Soma. All in all, an all-star lineup all around!

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And interested in sponsoring? Read on to learn why this is a good idea.

See you this June in San Antonio!


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