Steve Sanderson Resident Lean Startup Expert, Rackspace

Steve is a hands-on product development executive, with a passionate focus on startups and creating products that make a measurable difference. For most of his career, he has worked in early stage startups, with a strong emphasis on Lean Startup and Customer Development for the last six years. Currently he is the Resident Lean Startup Expert at Rackspace, where he is focused on applying Lean Startup and Customer Development into larger environments with high degrees of uncertainty.Prior to Rackspace, he was the VP of Product Development for Food on the Table, an early-stage venture funded consumer internet startup (acquired by Scripps Networks Interactive / The Food Network). Prior to Food on the Table, he was the Acting CEO & VP of Development and Technology for FiveRuns, an early-stage venture funded business-to-business startup targeting the software development markets (acquired by Workstreamer).  Prior experience includes CTO of an early-stage eLearning startup targeting publishers (acquired by Macmillan Publishers, Ltd.), and leading the technology efforts for community at

His background spans web and mobile application development, large enterprise systems, user interface development, distributed / fault tolerant computing (with three patents) and technology development in early versions of the UNIX kernel.  More recently, he has been pushing the limits of applicability for Lean Startup and Customer Development and mentoring on those results.

Steve resides in Austin with his wife and two sons. View his profile on LinkedIn, and find him at twitter @stevesanderson.

Steve is leading our Enterprise Experimentation theme.