David Cronin Executive Design Director, Industrial Internet Applications, GE

David Cronin is an interaction designer, strategist, and design leader. As Director of Interaction Design on the Design & Experience team at GE Software, he leads UX efforts for GE’s Predix industrial internet software platform, as well as for Healthcare programs at GE Software. Additionally, David is the design leader and product manager for Predix Reader, a mobile-first UX framework designed for 21st century industrial and healthcare workers.

Prior to joining GE in 2011, David was Director of Interaction Design at Smart Design, an award-winning product design consultancy and Managing Director at Cooper, the first design firm dedicated to the practice of interaction design for digital products. His early career was spent designing and building the first generation of large-scale, dynamic web sites and applications in San Francisco in the 90’s.

During his 15-year career, David has designed everything from consumer electronics to healthcare information systems and medical devices to a financial portfolio management and trading platform for the world’s largest asset manager. He’s happiest when he can work with cross-functional teams make complex systems useful and enjoyable for the people who interact with them.

David is an experienced speaker, writer and educator on the subject of design, and is co-author of  “About Face 3.0: The Essentials of Interaction Design” with Alan Cooper.

David is speaking as part of our Craft amid Complexity theme.